We’re really excited about calm, if that’s not a contradiction! Calm is the antidote to the stresses and strains we can all feel in today’s hectic society. Calm is the way to bring more peace and joy into our lives. Calm is that stillness at the centre of our being when we let go of doing stuff and focus on just being who we truly are. In a nutshell; calm is cool. And we believe passionately that the world needs more of it. So our mission is to spread calm by whatever means necessary. Whether that’s designing a quiet room for prayer and contemplation, creating an oasis of peace in someone’s home or helping them declutter their life. Ministry of Calm was founded by Helen Sanderson.

Quiet Room Designs

Our bespoke interior design service is tailored to deliver beautiful, calming interiors that will deliver a valuable return to everyone who uses them. Balancing the needs of today’s complex, technological world and a diverse workforce is a great challenge for responsible employers, Click here to find out more about our solution

Yoga and meditation spaces

Imagine a place of stillness clarity and calm at the heart of your home. We can transform a room or part of your house into a beautifully designed personal meditation or yoga space. A space you can retreat to and focus, and that’s available just for you whenever you need it. Click here to find out more


It can be hard to feel calm, happy and energised when you’re surrounded and overwhelmed by ‘stuff ‘. If you’re drowning in clutter, at a loss trying to find things, stressed out or ashamed by your living space, then the chances are you have lost inner calm. Click here to see how we can help you restore your calm