Algerian Coffee Stores

Since the doors first opened in 1887 coffee and tea have dominated the shops atmosphere. Today, 128 years later, the Algerian Coffee Stores has evolved into one of the worlds best known and leading suppliers of coffee and tea. Offering a choice of over 80 coffees and 120 teas from around the world. The list continues to grow as they continue to source speciality coffee and teas from small corners of the world. They source original, delicious and fine confectionery. There is also a large variety of domestic coffee makers.
The shop still retains some original features, the wooden shelves along the walls, the original wooden counter and display case.
52 Old Compton Sreet, London W1D 4PB
Monday – Wednesday 9am – 7pm, Thursday and Friday 9am – 9pm, Saturday 9am – 8pm
It is wheelchair accessible (help is available to get into the shop)
020 7437 2480
Ambala Foods

Ambala is one of the most prestigious confectionery and savoury brands in the world, known for the excellent quality of its products. The range of Asian sweets on offer at Ambala vary from delicious after-dinner desserts to exotic confectioneries.

From amongst the classical Asian sweets they offer include delicious Rasmalai, succulent Rasgulla mouth-watering Gulab Jamun, delicate Jalebis and delectable Barfis and Halwas, not to mention their exquisite Baklava.
112-114 Drummond Sreet, London NW1 2HN
Daily 9am – 8.30pm
It is wheelchair accessible
0845 003 5655

Bookartbookshop features the publications of some of Britain’s best-known artist presses and publishers of artists’ books, as well as books from abroad. The shop is a centre and a service for individual & institutional collectors, artists, publishers and the aesthetically and bibliographically curious.

It is presently a not-for-profit organisation ploughing back any profits into the improvement of the enterprise, and while it aspires to have a team of full paid staff it is still dependant partly upon volunteer labour.
17 Pitfield St, London N1 6HB
Wednesday – Friday 1pm – 7pm, Saturday 12pm – 6pm
It is wheelchair accessible
020 7608 1333

Not only is one of the best wholefood shops in London, it is also one of the cheapest.

The vegetable section is piled high with shiny organic lemons and wooden boxes of freshly picked spinach and crisp fennel. You can also get refills for nature friendly cleaning products as well as luscious blueberry cakes, gentle hand creams and even organic pet food.
30, 32 & 33 Brecknock Road, Kentish Town, N7 ODD
Monday – Wednesday 9am – 6.30pm, Thursday 9am – 7pm, Friday and Saturday 9am – 6.30pm
The shops are wheelchair accessible
020 7607 1936
Carmelli Bakery

They remain faithful to traditional methods and are still baking their bagels by hand, giving each one their full attention.

Their outstanding team of chefs and pastry experts will provide you with the freshest breads, desserts and cakes as well as bespoke speciality cakes tailor-made to your every desire. They also offer a wide selection of finger food, light bites and platters for every occasion.
126-128 Golders Green Road, London NW11 8HB
It is wheelchair accessible
020 8455 2074

This is a good place to ask about the provenance of each cheese and to find out about the best one for your particular palate. Or you can just drop by and pick up a soft ewe’s milk to spread on an oat cracker with a glass of red wine later on.
13 Fortis Green Road, London N10 3HP
Tuesday – Saturday 9.30am – 5.30pm
The shop is wheelchair accessible but is very narrow
020 8444 9141
Chegworth Farm Shop

It is no surprise that the shelves at the front of hits organic grocers are full to the ceiling with bottles of Chegworth Farm juices.

Raspberries, pears, apples and beetroots are all pressed in small batches on their family-run fruit farm in the Kent countryside.


221 Kensington Church Sreet, London W8 7LX
Monday – Saturday 8am – 6pm, Sunday 10am – 5pm
It is wheelchair accessible
020 7229 3016
Craft Central

Craft Central is a place where things happen. People get inspired. Creative businesses flourish and a community of designers and makers talk, meet and swap ideas. Put simply, Craft Central is a destination for those involved in craft who want to get somewhere, make something happen and see things differently
33-35 St John’s Square, London EC1M 4DS
Thursday – Saturday, 12pm – 6pm
No wheelchair access
020 7251 0276
D & Lee Textiles

You don’t have to go to Ivory Coast or Benin to stock up on bright yellow cotton printed with red prancing horses or a striking ABC pattern, fantastic fabrics can be found here in the East End of London.

57 Wentworth Street, London, E1 7TD
Monday – Friday 9.30am – 5.30pm, Sunday 9am – 2pm
It is wheelchair accessible
020 7247 7222
Daunt’s Bookshop

Daunt Books was founded in 1990 by James Daunt in the beautiful Edwardian premises at 83 Marylebone High Street in London – originally built for antiquarian booksellers Francis Edwards in 1910.

At the heart of the shop is a long, galleried main room which has as its focus a beautiful arched window partly glazed with stained glass. The intention then, as now, was to arrange books principally by country, whatever the nature of the book – fiction or non-fiction, biography, history, guide or novel – and in so doing creating wonderful browsing both for the traveller and the general reader.
83 Marylebone High Street, London W1U 4QW
Monday – Saturday 9am – 7.30pm, Sunday 11am – 6pm
It is wheelchair accessible
020 7224 2295