We are proud to be partners of Empatika, London’s premier contemporary fitted furniture provider. Tristan Titeux and his team strive to create timeless built in furniture, tailored to every individual clients’ need. As well as transforming spaces with its bespoke furniture, Empatika is environmentally conscious and places a strong emphasis on sustainability.

Useful links about wellbeing and mindfulness

Wellbeing advice from 99u
Tips on living in a way that supports health, happiness and life satisfaction and achieving a state conducive to the best creative work

Learn to meditate at Counter Culturist
Counter Culturist aims to be one of the best beginner meditation sites on the web.

Useful links about workplace design

Stress and mental health in the workplace (pdf)
Report from the mental health charity Mind.Key recommendations: ‘Allow employees to make reasonable adjustments – eg. flexi-time, working from home or quiet rooms – to help them to manage mental health problems and work-related stress issues.’

Beacons of excellence in stress prevention (pdf)
Health & Safety Executive Research Report 133 (2003). Among its recommendations for employers is ‘Relaxation provision (quiet rooms such as prayer rooms, maternity rooms, massage, meditation training, etc.)’ (p. 104).

Putting the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003 into practice (pdf)
The ‘Religious observance in the workplace’ section of this ACAS document has good advice on accommodating religious observance to avoid discrimination.

Quiet room is needed in hospitals for prayer and reflection
Letter to the editor of the British Medical Journal: ‘Having such rooms available in hospitals throughout Britain would help to make our hospital services more sensitive to the multi-cultural needs of the society they serve.

Relaxing the rules: More companies embrace meditation
Los Angeles Times article. It points out that, in one Detroit chemical manufacturing company, when employees were encouraged to meditate for 20 minutes before coming to work and then in the afternoon on company time, ‘absenteeism fell by 85%, productivity rose 120%, quality control rose 240%, injuries dropped 70%, sick days fell by 16%, and profit soared 520%’.

Interfaith Seminary
An innovative training programme for interfaith ministers and spiritual counsellors, to serve the spiritual needs of people from all faiths and none.