Design for wellbeing

We transform cluttered, poorly designed or under utilised spaces into beautiful places that uplift people and restore their wellbeing. We do this by helping people find space in their lives, by creating room for the rituals that give them meaning, and by designing places that revitalise them at home and work or help them heal at challenging times.

Revitalize your workforce

Balancing the needs of today’s complex, technological world and a diverse workforce is a great challenge for responsible employers. We design beautiful, calming spaces that deliver a valuable return to everyone who uses them. Mindfulness is proven to improve our health and performance, we create dedicated spaces for people to take a moment to connect to what matters.

Find calm from clutter

It can be hard to feel happy and energised when you’re surrounded and overwhelmed by ‘stuff ’. If you’re drowning in clutter, at a loss trying to find things, stressed out or ashamed by your living space, we can help you. Take the first step to regain control over your life and your home. Visit CalmfromClutter to find out how our personalised decluttering service will create

Make your home a haven

We can transform an underused room part of your house into a beautifully designed personal mediation or yoga space. A space you can retreat to and focus, and that’s available just for you whenever you need it.