Ministry of Calm Publications: our mission

We believe that space can heal. Poorly designed, cluttered spaces are negative and destructive forces in our lives, draining rather than supporting us. Beautiful, calming and uplifting spaces can enhance our lives and improve our wellbeing.

Our mission is to ensure that everyone has access to quiet and healing spaces where they can pause and recharge, wherever and whenever they need. Our publications are designed to help people create more supportive, nurturing environments and explore the ways that our living spaces impact on our psychology.

Home Declutter Kit

Home Declutter Kit by Helen Sanderson

Overwhelmed by clutter or just need a little more order in your home? This kit offers an easy way to organise your home and clear clutter from your life – fast! A book and 34 beautifully-illustrated cards guide you through a tried and tested method, helping you make room for the future you deserve.

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About the author, Helen Sanderson

Helen Sanderson is the founder and creative director of Ministry of Calm. Helen is an interior designer, personal organiser, author and public speaker, and an expert in the design and development of quiet rooms, multi-faith spaces and well-being areas.  She is known for creating beautiful, calming and peaceful spaces that recognise and address the diverse needs of people.

Helen Sanderson has worked with the NHS, Marie Curie Cancer Care, The Ministry of Justice and Guardian News and Media, Gloucestershire University and South Tyneside college, to name a few. In her work on quiet rooms Helen has recognised the value of providing a special place to retreat to that facilitates the journey into stillness, contemplation or mediation and now offeres sacred spaces for the home, meditation or yoga rooms.

Helen set up Calm from Clutter in 2008, having worked as a professional declutterer, personal organiser and coach for over ten years. Observing the positive and transformative effects that decluttering has had on her clients’ lives, Helen has discovered that clearing clutter is a powerful tool. Decluttering not only meets a person’s physical need for order, but also for emotional and spiritual order as well. She works with great empathy and understanding to support people to restore their inner calm through finding some peace and order in their home.

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